Eminem 50 Cent Dr. Dre 31.01.2020

50 Cent was put on a spot answering Big Boy’s tough questions. The point of the game “Gimme 5” is to make a celebrity make some difficult choices or admit some uncomfortable truth and Big Boy knew were to hit.

After making Fif admit that the nastiest thing he did during the quarantine was his take on spaghetti, apparently 50 is not a good cook despite his previous experience in the kitchen, Big Boy set a trap. He wanted Fif to choose between Eminem and Dr. Dre in a very relevant pandemic set-up:

Okay, there is only one mask. There are two people, you can only give one mask to this person. You see Dr. Dre and you see Eminem. Who do you give that one mask to?

Damn, that’s a foul question. I give Eminem a mask. And I give Dre my mask if I have it on.

Big Boy tried to inquire why Fif would give Eminem a clean mask and to Dre a used one, but 50 had none of it:

It’s because of the way you sequenced it! You only gave me one mask!

Watch Fif having fun below: