50 Cent Says To Lil Wayne Rappers Would Not Be Able To Sell Without Eminem

50 Cent finally got to Lil Wayne’s Young Money Radio and he had some difficult truth to share with his friend.

He addressed artists who go to “cultural safari” to learn the lingo and the style, to act tough without having a tough life, to present themselves as part of the culture they do not belong to. You know, the accusations some people make against Marshall. Fifty thinks Eminem’s case is different. Not only he grew up in this culture, but he also paved the way to black hip hop artists who have ascended to stardom after him.

Being in connection to Em I say this shit openly. I don’t think you would sell 14 million records without Eminem. Because this connection helps them understand how you fit into the culture. Black culture is Black music. When you see Em, you see someone who actually grew there. When you look at his circumstances, everybody around him is African-American. Proof and Denaun and all parts of D12. And when he is that fucking good, then okay, I see where I fit. And for me, for my journey, [when I asked] “You like hip hop. Who do you like?” And they like, “Ugh, I like Eminem and I like…” That was their first [answer]. And if they say they like me after, I can see why you turn on to me because I am with him. And Dre. Dre would make credibility in Em as a foundation. That connection would mean credibility. When I come and I connect to it, it allows you to do [more]. Look, my man, you had to be 2Pac, make a double CD and die in the process to go down as an African-American artist in the hip hop culture. So when I come and do a 30-minute record for the first album it creates the kind of confusion you can’t believe.

Watch the video below:

Em x 50

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