2015.07.22 - 50 Cent Crashes Eminem's Extra Interview at Southpaw Premiere

50 Cent argues that hip-hop is black, but there is one white guy who does it better than any black guy in the hood. It is Eminem.

Is hip-hop black music? This is the question 50 Cent was asked recently. His confident answer is:
“Without a doubt. Unfortunately for some people, it’s tough to accept that there is a white artist who does it better than black artists. It is what it is. You can have whoever you think is the best black artist, stand it in one room face to face with Eminem and he’ll eat that motherfucker alive. You can prepare yourself to come into battle, but I bet everything I have, you are fucking meatloaf we put right there. In whatever competition we put this artist [Eminem] in, his obviously surpasses”.

Watch it below: