50 Cent, whose new show “For Life” just had a very successful start on ABC, visited the Breakfast Club show studio and had an interesting conversation about him growing more confident in the TV business, his connections and his beefs. And about those who would like to have a beef with him.

One of the hosts started with the questions about the conversation Fif had with Eminem:

Did you call Eminem and tell him don’t go back at Nick Cannon?

I did.

Was what that conversation like?

You know, Eminem get hype and go “What?!”. People keep challenging him in that way [but] ‘cause he’s come from that format, from the battle format, they actually put him in the space where he’s the most comfortable when they attack him.

Nick Cannon did that song “I Used To Look Up At You” and he said it was about you.

I would never respond to Nick Cannon. Never! Listen up. The camera is on, right? He is LEGENDARY corny. He’s been corny forever, like from the very beginning. I thought at some point he was heading somewhere in the Will Smith’ish kind of [direction] ‘cause that was comedy stuff and then he’s just never got to his destination. He’s just never got cool.

Would you cast him in the Power Book?

Well, if he did a good job… And he did great in “Drumline”. He did good, I got believe him as a drummer.

He is a good businessman though. The only thing that makes him corny is his rapping.

Yeah, I don’t know why he’s so passionate about it. What the hell is going on? Bro, look, you suck, bro. You suck, bro, Imma just telling you the truth. There was never a moment when you said something and we like, “Oh, bars!”

Fif also mentioned that he would never bite Nick’s bait because he knows that Nick just uses the clout to build the publicity for his own show. And being a good businessman for real he would never give it to him for free. But that was nice to see 50 so relaxed and talking about this story in such good humour.

Watch this exchange below: