Eminem 50 Cent 2006

We all know that there are tons of unreleased music in creators’ archives and random leaks do not even scratch the surface of what might be a treasure trove of hip-hop.

But also there are people out there who can listen to this unreleased music and enjoy what is inaccessible to the general public. One of those people is Navjosh, the creator and editor of an independent hip-hop blog HipHopNMore. The other day he decided to share the knowledge on Twitter nobody could contest:

50 Cent x Eminem ‘Champions’. One of the best unreleased songs I have heard in my existence. Just heard it once and I will never be able to forget it.

The thread immediately was filled with questions: what was Eminem’s part? who did produce it? where did you hear it? Sadly, Navjosh did not have much to say, he suddenly lost any recollections about the song or how he happened to hear it.

And the main question: will we ever be able to hear it? Once again, Navjosh does not give an answer.

And hope we will.