Hip-hop mogul/legend Dr. Dre will produce the upcoming horror-thriller film, ’Thaw.’ Whether this has any bearing on the much-anticipated sophomore album, «Detox,» is uncertain.

Dre has tapped screenwriter Vik Weet to pen the script and his Crucial Films partner, Daniel Schnider, as co-producer. Variety reports that Schider «originated the idea.»

«Thaw» is about «an ancient evil that emerges from the rapidly melting ice in the Yukon,» reports Variety.

This isn’t Dre’s first foray into film either—he’s appeared in movies like «The Wash» and «Training Day ,» and acted as executive producer on «The Wash» as well.

As for «Detox»? We’re still waiting. Hopefully we’ll see it sometime this year, preferably before «Thaw.»