Aaron Carter, like many former prodigies who tasted fame at a tender pre-teen age, came to his adulthood with the weight of mental health issues, the history of addiction and the desperate lack of attention he had used to have.

So he sees attention wherever he can find it. Recently it was social media where Carter wound himself up prepping for the reality show “Celebrity Boxing”. He promises to gain weight and shred anyone who comes his way. As there are not many to come, Carter seems to initiate contacts first. He spends days giving backhanded compliments to Machine Gun Kelly, who does not seem to be bothered and only comments with the short “This is amazing”. But even this is enough for Carter to feel like they are best friends. And while praising MGK Carter now is dismissing Eminem, not only criticising his song but deliberately misspelling it.

“KILLSHIT WAS SHIT COMPARED TO MGK’S Diss track @machinegunkelly don’t want it this smoke”, wrote Carter. He is obviously looking for a fight and already sees himself as a hero. But really, there are no grounds to believe that this project will be any more successful than any other. And it is almost impossible to be less successful.