Renown director was ambushed by a reporter at the Hollywood premiere of his first TV show “Hunters” and revealed that he is a big Eminem fan.

The reporter started asking Al Pacino about his favourite moments from the Oscars this year but without waiting for his answer jumped right to discussing Eminem. The director lightened up at this question:

I love Eminem! I happened to be standing up, looking for [my kids], I brought my three kids and I was looking for the other two. So I was in the back. The show was on and I was in the back. So I saw Eminem and I just stopped and looked at him.

You were dancing from the back.

Well, I guess, inside.

It could have been considered as neglecting his parental responsibilities, but both his youngest are 19 and probably were dancing just on the other side of the venue.

Watch this bit below: