Seven years since their “Rare Chandeliers” album, The Alchemist joins Action Bronson in making a short but powerful EP “Lamb Over Rice”.

Action Bronson shoots his absurdist lyrics over jazzy instrumentals provided by The Alchemist. This winning combination of light-heartedness and raw honesty wrapped in skilful craftsmanship is a signature stamp of this duo. However, this time The Alchemist provided not only an atmospheric wonky piano and snappy drums for the record but his voice, rapping a verse on the closing funky track “Arnold and Danny”:

Six foot margaritas, tank tops, Bermuda shorts
Maury boogie boards, aqua socks and water sports
Beach bummers, permanent vacation summers
Ukulele strummers
Just doing my daily numbers like a quick pick
Ride the rhythm like a lazy drummer, word to baby brother
Cool lady lover, put loaves in the oven and make it supper
Camaro got the thruster
Jimmy Z wood panel wagons dash burn the rubber
Out the window flashing muscle, Don Ho, tiny bubble
Smash Brazilian box without the stubble, fly bundle, fancy
Table candy, all my bitches call me Randy
Stretched out in the sand with a band beat
Peace to the family

That would be a perfect summer track but the album is out in November.

Listen to “Lamb Over Rice” by Action Bronson & The Alchemist: