Eminem and Rihanna perform The Monster on stage during the 2014 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles

10 years ago, Billboard presented a list of the most successful artists of 2000-2009 that was topped by Eminem. He became the Artist of the Decade, the one with the best performance on the Billboard 200 albums chart and the Hot 100 over ten years.

The new list is brewing, and Eminem is projected to once again make it to the handful of the most popular and important musicians. He has more No.1 singles on Hot 100 this decade than the previous – 3 against 2. 4 out of 9 his albums that have got to No.1 on Billboard 200 were released in the last decade. His albums do not leave the charts now even if they were released years ago.

He is still one of the top rappers in the game, more than 20 years into his career, showing nothing but longevity and lasting impact.