Crook thinks that Eminem’s leaked lyrics can affect chances to reunite Slaughterhouse.

In recent months three members of Slaughterhouse who are still active on the hip hop scene started to express cautious optimism when talking about a band reunion.

Crook went as far as stating that Joe Budden was halfway out of his retirement. Kxng thought the next step should be for both Joe and Em to sit down and have a conversation about their disagreements. Looks like now this option is off the table.

On the unrealised version of Marshall’s collaboration with Conway, Em swings hard at P Diddy and his production company Revolt, as well as associated with it Joe Budden ad Machine Gun Kelly.

It is a widely known fact that Marshall records dozens of versions of the same verse, choosing the one that works the best in the end. He did not choose this one but will it matter when the future of Slaughterhouse is at stake? Crook does not sound hopeful anymore:

Soon as I said I wanted to see Joe and Em sit down I see jokes flyin on the podcast and the original Bang verse leaked so yea never mind bruh 🥴🥴🥴🥴

Full Original Version

Eminem x KXNG Crooked: Exclusive Interview

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