Griselda’s MC is one of a few rappers who has visited Kanye West at his mysterious Wyoming property.

Understandably, this experience intrigues those who are yet to receive an invitation. This is why Benny the Butcher faced the questions about his visit to Kanye during his interview session on Joe Budden’s podcast.

Apparently, Benny spent two days working there with Kanye and while he was impressed with the vast space of Kanye’s property and the luxury of having a personal chef, the results of their session are unlikely to be released.

Benny described his visit:

It was dope man, going out there working with Ye. He got the fucking chef, he got whole fucking shit. It’s motherfucking donkeys and lambs running around. […] It was like rappers and producers out there. To be honest with you, I didn’t record nothing like that. We were just kicking it. Chopping it up. […] I heard some shit. He played a whole bunch of shit. Some shit I would have rapped on but we never loaded it up. It was late. We was tired as fuck.

He noted that Kim was not there and this area does not feel like a spa at all. It’s empty and it does look like a farm:

That’s probably a spot where you go to work. It looked… worky…It’s very serious over there.

Let’s hope that this connection will help Benny to propel his career further.

Listen to Benny sharing his story:

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