Eminem has the longest verse on “Friday Night Cypher” because Big Sean did not even entertain the possibility of cutting it. Marshall is just that good.

Breaking down his most recent record “Detroit 2” for Genius, Big Sean admitted that editing scissors were not allowed to touch Eminem’s submission to a posse-cut of all-Detroit MCs:

Some of the verses I had to cut just a little bit, just to make it flow right. And people, “Why’d you cut my verse?” I didn’t cut it because it was wack. I had to cut it just because… You know, I even cut my verse too. Even if my verse is longer but I cut it down. I did it to make it feel right. Obviously, the only verse I didn’t cut was Em’s verse. ‘Cause, you know, you can’t just touch his vocals. Whatever he do, it is what it is. He on that level.

Watch the video below:

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