Bizarre and Deshaun Holton AKA Proof of D12 during Proof's Searching For Jerry Garcia Album Release Party at The Loft in New York, New York, United States. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

April 11th, 2020 marks 14 years anniversary since Proof, the heart and the glue of D12. To commemorate this day Bizarre, one of his oldest friends, decided to share a story from their past.

Today is 14 years mark. My boy Big Proof. A legend, the Detroit man passing away. I was sitting here and I was thinking, do I got any good proof stories? And I thought about one that I came across. I remember I was real young, I was maybe 17-18 years old. Me and Proof went over these chicks’ house. They stayed on the Eastside. You know, I’m from the West side of Detroit, if you from Detroit you know, niggas from the Westside, where I’m from, are above niggas from the Eastside. So I’m young and we’re over there chilling in a basement and all of a sudden – a knock at the door. I mean, like boom-boom-boom-boom-boom-boom-boom, like the fucking police coming. Mind you, it’s like two o’clock in the morning. So I was like, “Who the fuck is this, who the fuck is that?”. We panicking. The girl goes upstairs, she says, “Oh shit, it’s my baby daddy!”. We like, “What?!” She says, “It’s my baby daddy, I need like 10 minutes with him”. I’m panicking, we are on the Eastside, we’ve got no burners on us, nothing. So that other girl went upstairs, and me and Proof are in the basement. And we like, “Argh man, what we gonna do, what we gonna do?!” He up there bangs “Let me in, let me in, bitch!”. So the other girl comes downstairs and says “Hey, y’all gotta go”. So she opened a side door for us to leave. And my first instinct was to take off, to go to the car. So I take off and Proof grabs my shirt. He said, “No, we ain’t gonna run. We gonna walk to the car. Like men”. And I knew, in his heart he probably was just as scared as I was. But he wasn’t gonna show it. That’s my Proof story. A real man. The OG. Peace.

Watch the video below: