New track featuring Eminem will be released on November 12th on Bizarre’s album!

When Bizarre starts talking he usually talks too much. Now, when he had to talk a lot to promote his new studio album, it was inevitable that he would let something slip. And he did not disappoint.

First of all, in his interview Bizarre mentioned that recently he was in the studio working on something together with Eminem. And we already know that this something is not for Bizarre’s album, there is no Eminem’s feature on it.

The second bomb he dropped was this tweet:

jus seen marshall in the studio in the D… he not replying to Nic cos he got week left to finish his shit 😂

He deleted it immediately basically confirming the theory that “a superstar rapper” mentioned by “Hits”, who has one week left before release and whose management tries to keep everything under wraps, is Marshall himself.