In recent interview with Billboard, among other topics, Boogie spoke about meeting Eminem.

Compton rapper said that “Eminem is the real person”, and though he loves Em as a big bro, he still competes with him.

Boogie: “I’m competing with Em. I don’t think anyone understands that I want to take his spot. I love him and that’s my big bro. He signed me and changed my life. But I want his spot, and I want to be richer than him.

But it was random first meeting him. I was at home in my little apartment, and then my A&R called me and said Em liked me and wanted to fuck with me. I was hype, because that’s Em and that’s dope, but I wasn’t really paying attention to it. I’m the type of person that needs to see shit. And I think a few days later, I was in Detroit with him. He’s a real person. We don’t see Eminem out a lot cause he just be in the house, but we don’t understand he’s a real person. He goes through real-life shit still”.

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