Joe Budden Releases Introspective Visuals for His Letter To Eminem, “Slaughtermouse”

On the recent episode of his podcast, Joe Budden went to discuss Eminem and Nick Cannon diss. He admitted that there are lots of reasons not to do it but the temptation was strong.

Joe Budden is not only an important figure in hip-hop, but he also has had his share of disagreements with Eminem and nobody sees him as Eminem’s sympathiser. But for no money in the world he could find good words to say about Nick’s approach to this beef. He listened to his diss carefully, bar by bar, stopping to discuss it with his co-hosts and laughing out loud. This is 20 minutes of pure comedy that we recommend to watch. Joe started crying with laughter from the very beginning:

If you are going to diss one of the greatest rappers that have rapped you should not open the song just shouting out five other niggers. Like we are here for a kill shot, buddy, we are here for you to get to it. Stop complimenting the op here.
– Are you going into a diss track nervous? With uncertainties?
– That’s why I like hearing rappers rap because it tells you exactly where their brain is and their train of thoughts. This nigga sounded scared on his ad-lib! What the fuck is going on? What is happening?

Mal suggested that rather than drag a guy who cannot rap Eminem should go on “Wild ‘N Out” to demonstrate that he is still in touch with the culture. Joe dismissed that. He would never do it if he was Em. First of all, it costs him six figures just to step outside and while he certainly has six figures to spare but not for Nick Cannon. And secondly, added Joe:

You’re not going on your ex’s ex’s show. Clearly they still have some unresolved tension and I don’t think that the public airwaves or the broadcast waves are where they should address it.

Then hosts moved to Eminem’s verse on “Lord Above” and Joe did not hide his appreciation:

Em sounds good. It’s one of the better verses I’ve heard in a second from him on a feature. But why did he do that?

Mal reminded about recent Nick’s interview where he dug out that story and bragged about being ready to physically fight Eminem. Still, Joe was not convinced that Nick made a right move going deep into this beef.

If Em just sent unwarranted shots at Nick Cannon, and I’m saying “if” because I don’t know if they were unwarranted, as the worst rapper, what should I do? Get all the better rappers.

“Nick strategy was fun. The execution was just horrible”,

concluded Rory.

Watch the segment below: