Joe Budden has his own podcast, however, it takes him to be invited to another one to start talking about Eminem.

Joe sad down with the guys from “My Expert Opinion” and after a two-hour conversation he faced the question: Do you feel like Eminem would hang out with top tier battle rappers?
Joe wanted some more clarity on the question, like where and what hip-hop stage hosts meant and so on. But basically his answer was a “yes”.

He has the ability to adapt, not to say that he would but shit, look at his verse on that Fat Joe’s song. Much slower, you can here all double entendres and if you do that you have a shot. But if he comes with this normal Eminem shit, then no, I don’t think that would feel well.

It seems like the latest Eminem’s verse impressed Budden and showed how diverse Eminem’s skills are. Evidently that even if Joe and Eminem have a long and complicated history, a former member of Slaughterhouse gives a credit where credit due.

Watch this bit from “My Expert Opinion” with Joe Budden below: