Vlad TV keeps releasing new segments of Nick Cannon’s interview and almost every single one of them is about Eminem. Of course, Nick is still looking unhealthily obsessed with Marshall, but he also admits that he has his own agenda.

2008 – I was angry. I was upset. I wanted to whoop his ass. 2019 – I’m a little bit more level-headed, I am more educated and I’m more calculated. I have a brand new morning radio show that’s doing very well, I have a great hip-hop battle rap television show that’s doing very well. Whoo, let’s use this! I’ve got a record label with artists staying aside, yo, let’s get some attention. Let’s go ahead and get some attention. He got them fans, he got them stans. Let’s go get attention, let’s create this conversation! I got a whole new group of followers now because of this process. So I was like, I’m gonna promote Wild N’Out, I’m gonna promote my radio show… So the first thing I did I talked about it on my radio show. Views! Boom! YouTube! I was like, “Oh, I’m liking this!” ‘Cause it was just me conversing, calling on, you know, all lives matter… Grandpa Marshall, “blam-blam-blam”… I’m having fun! And I’m like, “Oh, that’s going viral”. Next week I’m shooting Wild N’Out, we are getting rap legends, let’s have some fun ‘cause we know all eyes are gonna be on Wild N’Out. Let’s lore that man, he’s one of the greatest battle rappers to be known from 8th mile… Okay, not greatest, pioneers. I’ve heard stories that he was pretty good in his days, kekeke. […] Eminem was dope, I’ve seen videos of him back in the day… Saying all that, he’s known for battle rap. And I was like, let me use this. And so that’s what I did. And it worked. Tremendously.

And it really did. All Nick’ fake offences, all his claims of battling for honour of his (not) wife, playing the race card – he was chasing the clout using the resources of the black community and the hip-hop culture.

And while he is admitting that freely, Vlad shifting the attention of his audience to some juicy nonsense, using headlines like “Orlando Brown Accusation was Karma for My Eminem Comments”. Indeed, that was one more embarrassing moment Nick put himself through in his clout chase. Let’s rewind.

After Nick Cannon shoot some allegations about Em having sex with his driver on video, he was called out by Orlando Brown, a former Disney star who is clearly going through some dark time mentally. Brown stated that Nick Cannon provided him with some oral sex act while being dressed as a woman. Of course it didn’t get any big publicity because who really cares about Nick Cannon when he doesn’t talk about Eminem. But since Vlad brought this topic back up Nic had to go back to his own allegations and admit that his fantasies about Eminem having sex with a man are just that – his fantasies:

First of all, there is that rumour out there that he’s very promiscuous with his sexuality, possibly. I’ve heard that! […] I have no substantial evidence that Eminem has it. But really, the rhyme scheme is what I thought was dope.

You know what, we are probably not going to send you to VladTV to watch this. Their inflated ego is big enough and a couple of more clicks can make it burst.