Canadian Breaking Wreckords radio made a call to Cassidy, who came to traditional hip-hop from battle rap and is not short of opinions. Hosts wanted to know his thoughts on Nick Cannon’s diss tracks and Cassidy provided his analysis.

He did not bother to listen to the whole track though, he only made himself familiar with Nick’s verse, which is fair enough – it’s Nick’s fight and as much as he would like to hide behind the backs of invited guests it is still his name on the label. So, the only verse Cassidy listened to left him unimpressed:

I heard Nick Cannon’s verse and I was a little disappointed. Especially with all these battle rappers, so-called lyricist he had next to him. When you’re coming at somebody like Eminem, you should’ve came way crazier than that. Especially with other these dudes in the video who are supposed to be lyricists next to you. At least they could’ve gave you some type of a bar that you could’ve said, some type of impression to leave.

Listen to the clip below: