The Chinese music market is a dream to any international artists: it is vast, it is dynamic, it is lucrative. Also, it is a difficult one to tap in so for many it stays just that – the dream. Not for Eminem.

According to recent research, he is one of the most popular international acts in China judging by his digital sales. The only people who get more love from the Chinese audience are Taylor Swift, who is adored at that part of the world, two well-oiled Korean pop-machines and The Beatles.

Top international download artists in China:

1. Taylor Swift – 1.937m
2. BIGBANG – 1.035m
3. BTS – 919k
4. The Beatles – 431k
5. Eminem – 420k
6. G–DRAGON – 344k
7. Ariana Grande – 325k
8. Imagine Dragons – 323k
9. Ed Sheeran – 220k
10. EXO – 173k

Units used in this chart are based on Commensurate Sales to Popularity Concept, the method that sets different weightings for digital and physical singles sales, factors in sales of music videos and generalises artists catalogues.