While Griselda is gaining more and more success, the second member of the crew shares the plans to leave the game.

Conway the Machine, who brings to the table both his unparalleled lyricism and distinctive rapping style, posted on Twitter:

After FKTG, GDMM and EIF4…. Conway out ✌🏿

These abbreviations refer to Conway’s upcoming records he announced recently: “From A King To A God”, his solo debut “God Don’t Make Mistakes” that yet to be released by Shady Records and “Everybody Is F.O.O.D 4”.

It is not often that an artist announces his retirement before a solo debut, but Griselda has been nothing but unconventional throughout its history. Earlier Westside Gunn informed fans about leaving the stage as well, leaving the audience in shock.

Of course, all Griselda MCs have been in the game for a long time, it is not like young and coming artists got bored of show business. Both Conway and Westside Gunn have ample experience and for them to bring their vision to success is an accomplishment that is difficult to beat.