The long-anticipated Conway’s solo debut on Shady Records “God Don’t Make Mistakes” is about to drop and Conway is ready to give more details on what to expect.

He does not hold back praising the record:

Man, that shit is going to be probably the pinnacle of the motherfucking rap game for 2020, that album right there. That’s going to top everything off nicely, pause. It’s going to shake the pavement. I’ve got probably like 10 or 12 joints on there. I have zero features on there right now. I mean, I’ve got Wes[side Gunn] and Benny [the Butcher] on there, but outside of that I have zero features. Actually, “Bang” was from “God Don’t Make Mistakes” that shit that me and Eminem. He was on ”God Don’t Make Mistakes” and “The City on the Map” shit with 50 Cent. That was from “God Don’t Make Mistakes”. I’ve got Rapsody on a joint, yeah I’ve got Rapsody on a joint on there too, but it’s all pain, it’s that raw emotion, it’s my story, my life. The bars, everything is perfect. Alchemist got some joints on there, Daringer got a lot of shits on there, 9th Wonder, AraabMUZIK… I’m forgetting some people, but it’s definitely a beautiful piece of work that I’m super excited about releasing. It’s long overdue. I’ve got “From King to a God” though, I’m going to drop that next month, well this month, the end of the month. That’s another album, that’s about 13 songs, shit I’ve just been whipping up during the quarantine. I don’t like to sit on music, so that’s just to get them ready for “God Don’t Make Mistakes”. “LULU” was like the hot bread and butter, and they come bring you a cocktail, a glass of water. “From King to a God”, that’s the appetizer, and then the entrée is “God Don’t Make Mistakes”.

What would be the main then? And does “zero features” mean that we will not hear Marshall on Conway’s record?

Watch this segment from “For the record”: