New track snippet: Eminem feat. Conway The Machine - “Bang”

During a recent interview on Vlad TV, rapper Conway The Machine, a new member of close-knit Shady family, shared his thoughts on some things that happened to him after signing a contract with Eminem.

Especially he is not happy with the reaction of the Em’s fan base:

“A bunch of nerds and Stans. They don’t understand me, what I relate to, what I bring to the table with my music. They are just like, “where’s Em? Where is Eminem? We want Em.” I still didn’t experienced it fully, the record came out a couple of days ago. That’s why i ain’t get the fully experience of the impact of Eminem fanbase, gravitating toward my catalog but will see”, Conway said on an interview on August 15.

Also, Conway admitted that during the first meeting with Eminem he was very nervous, but not because he would be in the same room with Eminem himself, but because he might drink too much then do or say something superfluous, or forget everything. There was a lot of love and meeting was very good for him.

Damn, man, have patience. You noticed correctly this is Eminem’s fan base, not yours. It takes time for the fans to “taste” your music. Gradually, a certain percentage of Eminem’s fan base will become your fans. But this will not happen this very second. This is a lengthy process. When you release your solo Shady Records album then you’ll feel our full impact.

But we trully don’t understand why VladTV makes provocative headlines of such isolated sentence. Conway’s words sounded more like a joke and you should not make a mountain out of a molehill. It was a completely unnecessary provocation by VladTV. But this is their business, we just made conclusions. We urge fans not to take offense at Conway. 

We hope Conway will please us soon with his debut project on Shady and it does not matter it will go with Eminem joints or not.