It’s been a long few weeks with numerous dates being mentioned surrounding possible new Eminem music with nothing coming out.

So we have the final rumoured prediction of new Eminem music but this time it’s actually a credible source.

Hits Daily Double (HDD) have a reputation of being pretty spot on when it comes to Artists releasing music. A few days back they posted a Secret Santa rumour suggesting a rap superstar might be releasing an album next Friday (20 Dec) the paragraph hinted that the chances were slim to none. Of course this doesn’t confirm its Eminem but the word Slim being a possible Easter egg.

However in my personal opinion I don’t think the middle of December is ideal to release a brand new album. It’s an awkward time of the year you only have to look when Revival came out and the reaction that got. January or February 2020 would be a perfect time for it. New year, New decade, New Music.