Kuniva from D12 told about the process of choosing verses for band’s songs

For no apparent reason the official YouTube channel that D12/Shady records launched in July 2019 now goes under a new name.

Considering that it is basically a legacy channel, as the latest D12 record, “The Devil’s Night Mixtape” was released in 2015, it is difficult to come up with an explanation of a sudden change. No official statement was provided about renaming the channel to Nation Music.

This Spring D12 were supposed to travel across the UK and Ireland with Snoop Dogg supporting his “I Wanna Thank Me Tour”. However, Snoop rescheduled his shows to Winter 2021. Could it be that D12 decided to channel their creative energy into something new?

Meanwhile, you can watch the most the most popular video on the channel and bring its views count closer to the next milestone of 57 million:

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