A three-year-old video has surfaced of Daniel Radcliffe, the actor that used to be associated with the Harry Potter franchise, talking in length about his respect to Eminem.

He made a remark that it’s not surprising to see another white person professing their love to Eminem and immediately was interrupted by the interviewer who reminded that it’s not a question of colour, many hold the same opinion, including Drake, who had called Eminem the greatest rapper.

The thing that excites me about music 99% of the time is lyrics. And Eminem particularly… I just find him amazing. When you analyse some of the lines and the lyrics… Sometimes he will fit two references of other stuff and amazing rhyming, and a pun. He’ll do it in three lines but it takes you sometimes so long [to get it]. I can listen to him again and again and again and I’m still hearing new things. Also Eminem one of the only people who can make me laugh putting jokes there funny or rude or whatever it is. I just think there is a level of skill I can’t even relate to.

Being asked about his favourite Eminem’s lines Radcliffe recited from memory:

“Promising complete dominance, Sugar Ray Robinson /I’m in a league [Muhammad’s in, Ali’s my colleague bombing ’em. Probably end up on top of ’em, stomping ’em like Ndamukong. I’m Russian like a Ukrainian, LaDainian Tomlinson]”. LaDainian Tomlinson used to be a running back in the NFL, a very good one. What sometimes they call this job is “rushing”, which he makes into “Russian” and he also fits “Ukrainian” in, there is so much going on in these three lines! You’re like “How you ever come up with that?” It’s amazing.

When interview complimented Daniel on being the only one who can rap “Rap God” as fast as Eminem can, Daniel can only laugh:

I’m sure it’s not true anymore. It’s a ridicules song. I mean, six minutes… And what I loved about that it’s just him being “Yes, I am the best. And the song is called “Rap God” and I am better at this than all of you”. It was great.

Watch grown up Harry Potter talking excitedly about Eminem: