Seasoned battle rapper Daylyt also has a reputation of an inventive internet provocateur or, as many put it, a troll. He appeared in the Eminem-produced movie about battle rap “Bodied” and likes reminding people about it. Almost as much as he likes stirring masses throwing Eminem’s name in his speech.

Daylyt claimed that Eminem’s albums were trash because he became sober, he told people that he was signed to Shady Records, he said in an interview that Eminem was not hip hop, he defended Eminem on Twitter explaining why Revival was an important album, he dissed him, he assured people that Eminem sent him a hook and would be featured on his album. There are so many contradictory entries in this complicated, for Daylyt, story of his imaginary relationship with Eminem. And now there is a new one.

He posted on Twitter recently:
“I’m gonna get max hate for this but I am willing to die for what I believe in! Cough cough .. Clears throat. @lordjamar and brandnubian Is more important to us and hiphop then Eminem is and will ever be. As I get older the moor I understand what lord was on”.

As Daylyt expected, it drew in many people who came to ask why? What are the reasons behind this claim? Nobody tried to trash Brand Nubian, but it seemed difficult for people to agree that Lord Jamar was there of any significance. The most reasonable explanation was offered by a twitter user
@ReeceJ1195: “You want Em to battle you innit?”

Well, that might be the case. Back in 2015 Daylyt promised that Eminem would battle him, but he is no closer to fulfilling his promise than he was 4 years ago.