This is not often that you can hear someone talking good things about Eminem on Vlad TV. But it happens when young rappers come who grew up under his influence and who have looked up at him since before the beginning of their careers.

DC Young Fly is an internet personality, comedian and a freestyle battler who grew up in Atlanta. During his interview with Vlad TV, he was asked about his song “No Weed” and he confirmed that indeed the track and the video were inspired by Eminem. Moreover, the entire Young Fly’s interest in rap was ignited by Marshall.

I’m inspired by Eminem, – DC Young Fly said. – That’s the OG. He’s the reason I listen to hip hop, to be honest. I take all that black culture shit, which I am with, but Eminem is the reason I listen to hip hop. I was in fourth grade and I found his CD on the floor in my mama house. One of my sisters was listening to his crazy ass first. I played that shit and that motherfucker was snapping! I was like: “This is rap?! I love this shit!”

And the young rapper burst into “Cleanin’ Out My Closet”. It seems like the CD he found was “The Eminem Show”.

See DC Young Fly talking about Eminem’s influence below: