2019.11.08 - Eminem and Chris D'Elia

Comedian Chris D’Elia who proudly shared his photos with Eminem last week talked more about their meeting on his YouTube channel. He appeared to be a huge Eminem fan though, by his own admission, he “doesn’t care much about music”.

However, he cares much about Eminem and his music and still seems starstruck, even a week after their meeting. In his 5 minute video he said:

I met Eminem. We hang out for two hours. That was unbelievable!
I was huge Eminem fan growing up. I mean, Eminem was my idol. And still is.
We showed up and Eminem was just sitting there. “Come on in, come on in”. And Eminem stands up and going like this “Flappin’ around like a bapkin’”. I like ‘kay, this is the craziest dig already. He is doing my impression to me of him. And he was like “What’s up man”. And we sat down and I was sitting on the same couch as Eminem and we’re all talking and he was like “Man, you killed that impression man, that was so funny!”
Let me just say that about him. I sat with him for two hours […] and he was in the best way just a normal cool guy. You know what, these fucking icons, these legends, you meet them and they have that air where it’s like “Dude, you are lucky to be here”. I didn’t feel that way at all. That was so cool and refreshing. He was just a mature cool dude who talked a lot about hip hop, talked about who his favourite rappers were, we talked about comedy a lot, talked about different comedians, talked about my act. That was such a trip man. He mentioned bunch of his favourite rappers. He mentioned 2Pac and Biggie, and Jay Z and all those guys.
There was one part when he was talking about somebody who was talking shit about him and Eminem was like “You don’t even know what I’m doing when I’m rapping and using syllables intricate…” and he started rapping while he was talking to us and that was fucking unbelievable. I was on the couch with this guy and he was rapping, talking to me rapping, telling me something in a rap. And it all made sense. That was fucking insane. Imagine being in the same couch with Eminem while he’s doing that shit.

Watch the video below: