Yes, that’s right! There are 30 new versions of music videos on Eminem’s Yotube channel, which, by the way, has already reached 37 million subscribers.

All the videos were uploaded almost ten years ago, yet they were private. But now, not only the new Clean-, Dirty-, TV-, Super Clean – versions are publicly available, but the are also more valuable ones – an expended Director’s Cut of “Just Lose It” with the scenes not included in the official video.

Some of the videos contain exclusive promo content, and there are even several LIVE-versions of songs.

All of them were made public sometime in October 2018, but the update has gone unnoticed by the fan community.

Check the whole set of videos down below:

A** Like That (Super Clean Version)
Cleanin’ Out My Closet (BET Version)
Guilty Conscience (Director’s Cut)
Just Don’t Give A F*** (Clean Version)
Just Lose It (BET Version)
Just Lose It (Director’s Cut)
Just Lose It (MTV Version)
Like Toy Soldiers (Broadcast Mural Version)
Mockingbird (???)
Mosh (Dirty Version)
Mosh (Dirty Version)
Mosh (Extra Clean Version)
Mosh (Extra Clean-No Vote Slate)
Mosh (MTV Version)
Mosh (No Vote Slate)
Mosh (Post Election)
My Name Is (Version 1 Dirty Version)
Role Model (???)
Sing For The Moment (Edited)
Sing For The Moment by Eminem (Live) | Eminem
Stan (Long Version) by Eminem ft. Dido | Eminem
Stan by Eminem ft. Dido (Short Version) | Eminem
The Real Slim Shady (???)
The Way I Am (Clean Version)
We Made You (???)
White America (Clean Version)
Without Me (BET Version)
Without Me (MTV Version)
Without Me (???)
3 a.m. (Explicit)