For at least 10 years DJ Khaled dreams about working with Eminem. In his interviews, he said that he had a song ready for Eminem and that would be the greatest song ever.

In July 2010 he told to Vibe magazine:

When I do get in the studio with him, I promise you, we gon’ make something so fucking crazy. I’m telling Eminem right now, if we get in the studio I know that I’m going to get the best out of Eminem, and he’s going to write the most incredible verse that he’s ever written in his life, and it’s going to be the biggest fucking anthem in the streets and it’s going to be the biggest anthem when we get together, and I know this for a fact, and God willing, it’s going to happen. It’s going to be anthematic. It’s going to be the biggest anthem in the world. I’ma find a way, don’t worry.

Well, so far the closest DJ Khaled came to this collaboration were 7 seconds backstage of iHeart Music Awards in Spring 2018.

Until yesterday, when Fat Joe, who releases a new album with Eminem on it, let Khaled listen to Eminem’s record. Now he can be proud to be among the first people to listen to this track. So, while DJ Khaled does not have a song with Eminem and not even a photo with Eminem, he has a photo with a phone that plays Eminem’s record. That is as close as he gets.

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@fatjoe playing me the @eminem rec DEC 6

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Hopefully, on December 6, when “Family Ties” by Fat Joe is released, we’ll all be at the same distance from Em and everyone will take a picture of themselves listening to that track.