This Friday will see KXGN Crooked coming back with a fresh Crook’s Corner video podcast featuring Eminem as a special guest!

You won’t want to miss this, won’t you?

Crook, we’ve cooked up some questions for Em. Would be cool if you ask him these. We’re grateful you finally dragged his ass outta the studio into the spotlight 😉

“His humour and his sharp wit is a delight. He likes, I think, very real people. If someone on the set was a phoney he was liable to start a sort of double-talk, which sounded like absolutely normal conversation but turned out to be nonsense. That is how he got rid of visitors”

Who said that about the author of #MTBMB? ) 🤓

1. Why did you choose Hitchcock as in inspiration for the last album? Do you think you have a lot in common?

2. What’s your next move after murdering half the population of hip-hop?

3. What’s your current approach to songwriting? Where do you start?

4. Are the lines blurier or more distinct after you’ve written so many classics?