Eminem officially announced his wedding!

“Starting a new life. You’d find it out soon or late. I decided to make it public today, so that you’d consider it a joke. Officially got married to S. in Hawaii. Going on a honeymoon”, posted Eminem on his twitter. Twitter deleted it immediately but we and thousands of other fans managed to take a screenshot. Maybe Em jumped the gun, so he decided to delete his tweet.

Who is this mysterious S.? Most likely this is a actress Sarati, with whom Eminem worked on the video shoot for the single “River”. On the music video, Eminem and Sarati play a couple that goes through a complex relationship with scandals and quarrels. In one of the scenes of it Eminem and Sarati are shot in a bedroom scene in a hotel room. Watch the video that hit the network:

After the show in Hawaii, Eminem’s photos were flooded with a ring on his left hand finger, which is a wedding ring. Probably, the concert was specially planned in Hawaii, so that Eminem and S. could play a quiet wedding.