We already know the story of Shady/G-Unit vs Murda Inc and we all know who won. Perhaps, today’s stans and readers don’t even now about rapper Ja Rule (“Who?”). In short, it’s an MGK prototype from 2003, who had the audacity to mention the Eminem’s daughter Haley on his diss-track in a lewd way.

Over 15 years later Em & 50 have both separately sent shots Ja’s way. 50 started the day by posting on his Instagram page mocking Ja after Rule was seen getting knocked back from a club. In the IG video 50 narrates as video evidence shows Ja trying to argue with Nightclub owners.

Elsewhere today Shady Records artist Conway The Machine released his first single for his new album. The track “Bang” features Eminem and in the track Em sends shots at Ja Rule. Eminem previously mentioned Ja Rule on his tracks for 33 times since the beginning of the beef, today was the 34th on the track “Bang”. In his new guest verse, Eminem refers again to Biff with Ja Rule:

“Yeah, lookin’ back on my feuds
 How me and Ja Rule almost got cool
’Cause we shot pool back in ’01
 Was it ’02? I don’t know, but
Something told me fuckin’ not to
. Then we got stuck in high school, I shoved an Oscar up his wazoo 
Yeah, but I think of the rappers I slayed and buried like every night.

Eminem reveals that his beef with Ja Rule could have been stopped in 01’ (or 02’) when they they shot pool, a beef which started between Ja and 50 Cent in 1999.

To “shoot pool” is a term for playing the sport pool, also known as 8ball or 8ball pool.

UPD: Later Ja Rule answered with:

Can you imagine the chaos it would be if social networks exsisted in 2003?