When ‘Stan’ dropped in 2000 it became one of Eminem’s most enduring hits. There’s a big difference, however, between a great track and one with real cultural impact. ‘Stan’ was both and the word quickly went into common use. It may have taken 17 years but the word has gained official recognition, Eminem credits and all.

It is less than an hour left till the live stream of The Marshall Mathers LP with Eminem in the chat. We are streaming it on our YouTube channel and we have also embedded the stream in this post. Join us here or on Eminem’s promo page and enjoy the ride. Maybe you are the lucky one whose question Eminem will answer today.

Official Embedded Source:

YouTube Stream: Live Chat with Eminem & MMLP20 Listening Party

By the way, back in 2015 Eminem answered our question during a similar live chat session. Check out a tweet below. This is the official account of our EJ magazine (follow us!).

We just released a new issue dedicated to the 20th MMLP anniversary. You can download it for free here (or Google Drive) and spend this hour reading.

Today Eminem’s Classic Album MMLP Turns 20 Years! A Special Edition Of EJ Magazine Is Available Now

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