Comedian Brent Pella filmed a parody in response to Nick Cannon drama. Impersonating Eminem he raps reaction tweets to Cannon’s diss track delivering them in Marshall style over “Stan” beats with hilarious conviction.

He bows out with a message:

Hey Nick, I’m not actually Eminem. My name is Brent and I just wanna say don’t worry about what everybody says about you online, I think you’re doing a great job. Also, if you’re casting the next season of “Wild N’Out” I would love to audition. I am happy to battle rap you or any of 37 other dudes that were on you diss tracks. You have 24 hours to respond and if I don’t hear back from you then I’m just going to assume that I am a new host of “Masked Singer”. Alright? Okay. I’m gonna go chase some more clout now. See you later.

This is a perfect response to Nick and exactly at the level he deserves.

Watch the video below: