Fat Joe came to “On The Block with Billboard” where he talked about his album, his collaborations and modern hip-hop. When asked about Eminem’s involvement Fat Joe explained how it happened:

I’ve always been a big supporter of Eminem. I’ve always been a huge fan. I’ve been telling people, I’ve been teasing that this is my last album and I’m about to retire and Em heard it and he was like “Yo, I gotta get on this joint”.

Fat Joe is very proud of his record and is not coy about his work:

The album is a loaded weapon. I look at it, some of the stuff I say is crazy and people cringe, but I look at it as 2020 Dr. Dre’s “Chronic”. It’s an undeniable classic. The biggest hater on earth will love this album, he’s got no choice but to call it a classic. This album, it’s like a Hamilton. Ten years from now we could probably make a play of it. Because you got songs, you got features that lead to other songs and right when you hear Eminem and you think you had enough, somebody else comes on and you be like “wait a minute, that’s such and such?” I’m so proud of this album.

Talking about his retirement Fat Joe was very careful. On the one hand, he says that “Family Ties” might be his last album and states that he wants to spend more time with his family and his daughter, on the other, he insists that he has never said definitively that he is retiring.

I don’t want to say never because I never wanna be that dude who next year comes up in here with “Dark Side Vol. 4”. I never want to be that dude so that’s why I give you that 13% that well, you never know, anybody might send me a record that’s too far to turn it down.

Watch the full interview below: