Independent MC proves that success can come to those who fight against the system and do not comply with the rules of the music industry. But he has his role models, and Eminem is number 1.

King Lil G came from Mexican-American background and, as many others in his community, worked his ass off to get to the top. When he reached certain worth, his label sold out all his catalogue, everything he had ever written and recorded, to an outsider. He fought back and restored his rights to his own music. King Lil G keeps writing for “people who come from nothing and try to make something of themselves”, the same way as he did. Who inspires him? MC answered in his interview to L.A. WEEKLY:

Who’s in your Top 5?
I’m only saying this because I believe in numbers: the more people you reach, the more successful the rapper. It’s not even about my favorite because my list would be a lot different. Number 1 is definitely Eminem. Eminem as far as making an impact in the culture. When it comes to worldwide success not only in the US, there’s no other artist in the world. I actually looked up these numbers and made the list at home […].

Favorite Eminem song?
Damn there’s so many. The one he did with Nate Dogg! [sings beat] What’s the name of that one?

“‘Till I Collapse”?
There it is. I smoke a lot of weed, I couldn’t remember. [chuckles]

Well, remember these criteria for being a GOAT we were talking about? Here they are, in plain sight: audience, cultural impact, success. And music, that King Lil G cannot forget even with the amount of weed he smokes.

Watch the video that brought fame to King Lil G, getting 3,5 million views in less than two months: