The book titled “Respect: The Poetry of Detroit Music” is published by Michigan State University Press and gives space to the most prolific rhyme masters of Detroit cultural scene – including Eminem.

This anthology is the first book to compile and pay homage to the music of Detroit from Jazz to Blues to Motown to Rock and Hip Hop.

It should not come as a shock anymore even to people outside of Eminem fandom that his lyrical prowess is noteworthy and deserves to be studied in schools. M.L. Liebler, the metre of Detroit poetry scene who compiled this collection of poetry, said the idea of it came from his award-winning 2017 anthology “Heaven Was Detroit: From Jazz to Hip-Hop and Beyond”, published by Wayne State University Press that also featured Eminem.

The book is out on December 1, after that we will know what exactly editors decided to include in this volume.