2014.11.11 - Shadyxv Eminem Detroit Vs Everybody

2014.11.11 - Shadyxv Eminem Detroit Vs Everybody

Big Sean shoots down rumors that “IDFWU” was about his ex, Naya Rivera.

During an appearance on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, Big Sean addressed rumors that “IDFWU” was directed at his ex, actress Naya Rivera. According to the Detroit, Michigan rapper, the song couldn’t have referred to Rivera since he was still dating the “Glee” star at the time.

Big Sean even recalled playing the song for Rivera prior to its release months ago. He later referred to the DJ Mustard-produced song as more of an anthem than a diss song.

“First of all, I wanna state that when we came out with the song I was in—Who people think the song is about, I vividly remember playing it for that person,” Big Sean said. “So, the point is though it wasn’t no diss song. Obviously, it just fit the situation. It feels good. It’s an anthem. And you know, I did go back and change a couple lines probably. I tweaked it…It’s a video. I just wanted to come up with a concept that was fun. You know what I mean? Something different. I didn’t want to stand in front of no Rolls Royce on some regular shit. We just had fun with the concept. I feel like it related to the song. I just wanted to show the different elements, the different meanings of the song. It’s just an anthem.”

The Motor City wordsmith later revealed that an Eminem collaboration on one of his own albums is “possible.” He also confirmed that a “Detroit vs. Everybody” music video is in the works.

“It’s possible. This [“Detroit vs. Everybody”] was the first collab. I want people to really—We shooting a video for it too by the way. Coming up,” the rapper said.

In regards to his upcoming album, which he says he’s wrapping up right now, Big Sean says the project will touch on both the ups and downs of his life over the past year.

“I mean, it’s kinda just a time capsule of my whole life in the last year,” he said. “So, you can just imagine all the things that I’ve been through…It’s ups and downs. It’s all gon’ make sense when I drop the album. When I drop the title and all that stuff.”

Big Sean’s interview with The Breakfast Club can be found below.