Eminem’s Shady Music Publishing Signs Rapper Astray


The Saginaw, Michigan rapper announced the news on social media.

Eminem’s Shady Music Publishing has signed rapper Astray, according to the rapper’s social media posts today (April 23).

“I just signed with Shady/Universal Music Group! Excited to be working w these 2 titans in music!! #AstrayXShady,” Astray wrote on Twitter today.

“Pleased to welcome our new writer @ASTRAY_or_SHAWN to Shady Music Publishing with UMP. Keep an eye out for him!” Paul Rosenberg, Eminem’s manager and Shady Records business partner, wrote on Twitter today.

Astray is a Saginaw, Michigan rapper who is a former intern at Eminem’s 54 Sound recording studio, according to MLive.

Astray and Paul Rosenberg’s posts are as follows:


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