It’s been one year on after Eminem’s response diss track to Machine Gun Kelly’s Rap Devil came out and it’s safe to say that judging by the statistics it has definitely left it’s mark in rap battle history.

After making us all wait, what seemed like an eternity, a gruelling eleven days for the heavily anticipated response, on Friday September 14th 2018 the track dropped via Eminem’s YouTube channel and in 24 hours had garnered 38.1 million views; the fastest views in history for a hip-hop song. Another comfortable win for the Fire Marshall.

Elsewhere in chart positions it impacted not just The Billboard Hot 100 in which it came in at number 3 but in-fact Worldwide charts. In the UK singles chart it reached a modest rank of 13. In New Zealand it scored a respectable 6th, shout out to the Stans of Hungary who also made “Killshot” reach number 6 in the single top 40 chart. The track peaked at number one in the Canadian Hot 100. A number one hit for a diss track? Only Eminem could do that.

Although “Rap Devil” was a pretty decent diss track, “Killshot” blows it out the water in terms of rhyming, lyrics & YouTube history.