ePro News 32: When is Eminem dropping Revival? Target leaked the release date?

ePro News 32: When is Eminem dropping Revival? Target leaked the release date?

We just had to dive into some rumors that have been circulating the web about the new Eminem album. Cause this is just plain stupid.

The last couple of weeks the speculation about Em’s album “Revival” has crossed all limits. Some of the rumors are so foolish and the fans are being misinformed, so we had to do something. And here it goes. Let’s break em down.

1. Some storytellers are predicting the album to drop December 8th and say that it has been postponed because the first single “Walk On Water” hasn’t been received by the public as good as everyone hoped and that it’s not even considered a single anymore. They think that Eminem is making changes to his new record on the go. The most confident of them were sure that the album would come out on Friday, November 24th. Well that wasn’t the case.

This is hilarious… The arguments that they provide are making us cringe. One of them is the mixed reviews of the single “Walk On Water”. Yeah, the song surely wasn’t for everybody, including some of Em’s fans. But that’s just because they can’t understand what’s it about. The lyrics of the song were off foremost importance, it wasn’t just rhymes for the sake of rhymes and acute punchlines where Eminem usually prevails. The song has loads of metaphors and references to Marshall’s career. Hell there’s even more between these lines than everything that lies on the surface. Eminem’s genius approach to writing his lyrics never lets us down. If you still think the track was eeehhh, listen to it again and try to understand what the song is about.

Some of the rumors were caused by the fact that the description of the single “Walk On Water” was deleted on Eminem’s official website. It no longer states that this track is the first single of “Revival”. This is actually true and you can check this out if you open the site through a web archive. But It doesn’t mean that “Walk On Water” is no longer a single. Probably this was a mistake of one of the site’s admins and they’ve announced “Revival” ahead of time. The whole “Revival” promo campaign is a huge, thought-out process, and there’s probably a lot heading our way.

Another silly assumption was that the SNL show went not the way it was planned. And that Eminem was to perform another single alongside Dr. Dre., but that he changed his mind and performed the mix of tracks that we saw. Some people supposedly with insider info claim that the label had to postpone dropping a video for one of the singles of the album and to cancel a couple of Em’s interviews to promote “Revival”. I guess they know better.

Setting all this aside we think the performance was great. Em and Skylar did their best and gave us not only the new song, but also took us down memory lane, which was a great experience for true Shady fans. We can’t say anything about the rumors of the video or interviews, cause there is no info on that matter.

We literally burst into laughter when we see these actual “fake news”. What’s even more funny is that some fans go along with all this bullshit. That’s right, they are nothing more than rumors and fantasies. Not one of them is officially confirmed. We are positive that everything is going great and the release of “Revival” will go as planned by Eminem & Shady Records.

Enough about the sad stuff. We are thrilled to share a few new things about the highly anticipated album.

A recent Billboard interview with Skylar Grey gave us some hopes of another collaboration when while answering the question “Are there any other songs with you on the album?” she replied that this is Eminem’s record and you don’t know if you’re on it until it officially drops.

News also came from one of the established retailers, Target. On November 24 one of the store’s personnel checked the bar-code of a CD named «RB Eminem Revival (DLX) CD». After Scanning he saw notification that this merchandise could not be sold until 12/15. One of the fans confirmed this on Reddit saying that he scanned the code on his phone and had the same result.
This proves to be the most probable rumor of when the album drops to date.

Another fan asked Target’s official Twitter about the bar code and they replied with this, so we might have an album on our hands by then after all.

We still encourage you not to follow the rumors and be “Patiently Waiting” for new stuff from Em.

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