Eminem made an unexpected appearance at the online festival Everybody vs. COVID-19 organised by the City of Detroit.

He did not perform anything, but he sent a pre-recorded PSA praising the city’s spirit and urging people to stay safe. And also to become visible and take part in the census, consequently affecting city funding, political representation etc. He addressed the audience with:

Detroit isn’t just a city. It’s also a feeling, a hustle, a state of mind. But mostly, Detroit is a city where we fight for what we believe in, and we don’t take shit just lying down. And COVID-19 is no different. So we’ve got some work to do in order to stay safe.
But one way is that we have to be counted — and the census is your way to do just that. So this month, we’ve got to bring the city together, man.

Marshall did not give any warning about his involvement in this event but he promoted the festival on Saturday:

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