Nick Cannon seemingly extended an olive branch to Eminem during his interview with Fat Joe but quickly got back to his good old self-promoting tricks.

Fat Joe talked about the diversity of hip hop culture when their conversation came back to Eminem. Joe stated that for him the most important thing for a rapper is not the race or background but what a person brings to the game and this is why he doesn’t have any issue with accepting Marshall as an integral part of culture because of how much he did for hip hop.

People get mad when we say “Eminem” but the man is a freak of nature and a dead nice rapper.

Nick did not hesitate to agree:

Nick Cannon even admitted that he had a conversation with Royce da 5’9” trying to secure his help in arranging this meeting:
We tryna really get it popping ’cause I think, in the end, two men need to have that conversation.
While you’re at it, say him we’ll set up an exclusive “Wild’n Out” in Detroit!

Fat Joe was stunned:

Do you want to talk to the man or what?!

No, Joe, it seems like the only thing Nick cares about is self-promotion. The series of his frantic disses, his act of an offended husband – that all was, as he said, about getting more exposure more popularity. And now this. This is not about squashing beef, it’s about getting an exclusive from Marshall.

Watch this conversation below:

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