New Fat Joe album that featured Eminem’s verse on “Lord Above” triggered a massive drama that is stirring hip-hop scene for days now. Rappers such as 50 Cent, Joyner Lucas, Mr. Porter and many more sided with Eminem, while Fat Joe is keeping silent on the matter. TMZ approached him for comments and Fat Joe explained that he did not want to choose sides:

I didn’t plan nothing, I’m an innocent bystander. I’m taking the high road. Let me tell you something. I love Nick Cannon, he’s a good guy. Eminem’s a very good friend of mine and they got they little personal hip hop thing going, you know what I’m saying? Nick Cannon is a money magnet. He’s a talented man. He’s a beautiful person. But when you talk rap, you talk Eminem’s a GOAT. There’s just no way he’s an alien in this rap game.

Fat Joe can play coy and state that he loves them both and always looked up at Eminem lyrically, but he does not seem sad about this situation. He could not have better press even if he planned it.

Watch the interview below: