Recent months have been busy for Freddie Gibbs. He is enjoying the success of his latest album with The Alchemist “Alfredo”, that is mentioned on every list of the best 2020 records, and is getting into a partnership with Warner Music.

He found some time to get drunk with radio DJ Bootleg Kev, recording the first-ever episode for his podcast.

At some point, Kev reminded about Royce’s invitation to work together and Freddie respectfully acknowledged how highly he thinks about a Montgomery man, agreeing with Kev’s description of Royce as a Jedi.

Definitely a Jedi. Royce, Kendrick… He’s definitely a Jedi. Royce in my eyes is one of the best rappers of all times. And I’m ready. So, Royce, whenever you’re ready – I’m ready. I’m working on my new album. So if you wanna get on that let’s do it. I know you’re always working on the album. If I go to Detroit, I’ll call Royce.

It led Kev to his next question about Freddie’s leaked joint with Eminem. There was a Jeezy’s song “Talk to Me” that featured both Eminem and Freddie Gibbs, never officially released but leaked in 2012.

Jeezy went on motherfucking radio and said, “Hey man, Freddie Gibbs fucked up my relationship with Eminem”. He said that.

But you didn’t!


The song came out, it’s not like you leaked it.

I never met Eminem in my life. I never met Eminem in my fucking life. I’ve never met the nigga ever. What was the name of his tour, “Dangerous Values” or “Bad Values”? You know, I amma seeing him for 15 seconds. Eminem is one of the greatest rappers of all times. Never met the nigga.

Watch this segment below:

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