Squad. 8 mile: Update on Eminem & Snoop Dogg collab

A couple of days ago Fredwreck implied that a mysterious Eminem, Snoop, Hov collaboration excited somewhere in The Alchemist’s archives.

He requested it during “Lulu” streaming party on Instagram. Eminem and Snoop joint is not something unheard of and it sat well with studio photos of them from the studio. To throw Jay Z into the mix seemed excessive but, again, it is not completely out of the realms of possibilities. It happened before and it can happen again. So, of course, many people paid attention to Fredwreck’s comment and many people got excited about it.

Now the producer decided to reign the masses in using the ever-popular technique of claiming it was just a joke. He reacted on Twitter to this growing enthusiasm:

Stans you guys will believe anything. 🤦🏻‍

Well, not anything. We cannot believe that Fredwreck finds this funny.