Two members of Slaughterhouse dropped a joint album earlier this year, giving the audience the display of a visceral lyrical talent and hip hop synergy.

They provided Genius with line-by-line analysis of one of the tracks off “H.A.R.D.” and shared the real-life experience behind the hard-hitting bars on “Lose My Mind”.

KXNG started from paying his deep respect for Joell as a rapper:

When you’re in a room with somebody like Joell Ortiz that has a skill level of a Jedi, you don’t back away from these type of challenges as an artist, you run to them. Oh yeah, let me go get this mental workout real quick.

Ortiz noted that despite growing up on the opposites sides of the country, he and Crook had a very similar life story to share. Story of growing up without fathers, not knowing financial security, being raised by the streets. They both, as many and many young people in similar circumstances faced the cruelty of the world too soon but eventually they learned how to deal with it without going self-destructive.

Kxng especially addressed the issue of growing up with an absent father. He for one had a father who tried to introduce himself to Crook because he did not recognise him. Now he urges everybody in a similar position to get in touch with their old men:

If your father is not in your life and he’s still alive, reach out. It’s okay to be a bigger man. Go find out why he did everything he did. Go find out if there’s any good in him to add to you. Because I wish I had this opportunity now and it’s gone.

Watch the video below:

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